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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

The Medical Cannabis Commission of the state of Maryland (MMCC) is the governing body that is responsible for the safe and effective availability of medical cannabis for qualified patients. The MMCC determines and implements necessary regulations, policies and procedures required for the state’s medical cannabis program. It also manages all of the required testing, registration, licensing and inspection as well as providing pertinent information to Maryland dispensaries, testing laboratories, growers, providers, patients and caregivers.

Several pre-approvals have already been issued for the growth, processing and dispensing of medical cannabis, and one completed grower’s license has already been issued. A number of these pre-approvals are still going through the second stage of the process. This stage consists of the following:

• Facilities construction
• Criminal background investigation
• Obtaining zoning approvals
• Completion of regulatory requirements

Final licensing will be done by a vote of the commissioners at public meetings, as the pre-approved companies conclude their respective requirements. The initial dispensaries have already opened but it will naturally take time for product to permeate the supply chain so that all of the dispensaries can be open. This will be dependent on the market; a higher market demand will most likely increase the rate at which product is integrated into the supply network.

Patient Registry: The patient registry is open to any Maryland resident whose provider had approved medical cannabis for them as a treatment for the following qualifying medical conditions:

• Cachexia
• Anorexia
• Wasting syndrome
• Chronic or severe pain
• Severe nausea
• Seizures
• Persistent and / or severe muscle spasms
• Glaucoma
• Post-traumatic stress disorder

Non-residents who are residing in Maryland in order to receive medical treatment are also eligible for the Registry. Non-residents must also provide the contact name and address of the medical facility in Maryland at which they are receiving treatment. Patients who have been issued a certification from their registered provider may receive medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary in the state of Maryland by showing their MMCC-issued Maryland medical marijuana card or other valid government-issued identification.

For Providers: All providers must be registered as a “Certifying Provider” with the MMCC before they can issue online certifications to their patients for medical cannabis. Registered providers may then submit the online written certifications which will then be linked to the patient through their patient registry number assigned by the MMCC.

NOTE: Written certifications must be used for purchasing medical within 120 days of their issuance. Certifications not used within 120 days will become invalid. However, the 120-day countdown will not begin until there is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland.

If you would like more information on the requirements for obtaining medical cannabis in the state of Maryland, please visit the “Steps to Legally Obtain Medical Cannabis” page on this website. Information about the process of registration may be found in the sections for patients, caregivers and providers.

Maryland Cannabis Caregivers Laws

What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is an individual who, when registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and possessing a legitimate MMCC Caregiver ID card, can buy medical cannabis from an authorized Maryland dispensary for the benefit of his or her assigned patient(s) and transport the lawfully gotten medical cannabis to the patient(s). When registered, a caregiver may serve a limit of five registered patients at one time.

Caregivers must be no less than 21 years old and are required to register with and buy ID cards from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The caregiver’s legitimate MMCC Caregiver ID card must be exhibited at a dispensary so as to buy medical cannabis.

A registered patient is allowed to have a limit of two caregivers at one time. Minor patients (younger than 18) are required to have something like one caregiver consistently. Just guardians and lawful gatekeepers of minor patients are qualified to fill in as their caregivers.

Prerequisites for Caregivers serving Grown- up Patients (18 + years old)
To be qualified for assignment as a caregiver for a registered patient, you should:

• Be no less than 21 years old at the season of enlistment

• Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

• Get endorsement from the Commission

• Buy an ID card from the Commission for a charge of $50

Amid the enlistment procedure, the caregiver should present a legitimate, US official picture ID and a reasonable, late shading photograph. When endorsed by the Commission and assigned a caregiver for a patient with a substantially composed affirmation from a doctor registered with MMCC, the caregiver will likewise be required to buy an ID card from MMCC for a charge of $50.

Prerequisites for Caregivers serving Minor Patients (Under 18 years old)
To be qualified for assignment as a caregiver for a registered minor patient, you should:

• Be a parent or lawful watchman of the minor patient

• Be somewhere around 21 years old at the season of enlistment

• Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

• Get endorsement from the Commission

• Buy an ID card from the Commission for an expense of $50.

On account of a minor patient (under 18 years old), just the minor patient’s folks or lawful watchmen, themselves matured 21 years or more, are qualified to fill in as caregivers. Minor patients’ caregivers will likewise be required to submit substantial, US official picture IDs and clear, ongoing shading photos as a feature of the enlistment procedure. Caregivers for minor patients are additionally required to buy ID cards from the Commission for a $50 expense.

Minor patients are required to have no less than one caregiver consistently and may have a limit of two caregivers whenever. Also, caregivers serving minor patients must register with the Commission preceding registering the minor patient.

How might I register as a Caregiver?

Caregiver enrollment is finished altogether on the web. The online application frame must be finished and submitted in one session; you will not have the capacity to spare and finish the application at a later time.

It is fundamental that you have the required data and records in an electronic organization prepared for transfer before beginning the application procedure. It would be ideal if you cautiously audit the prerequisites underneath just as the Procedure Review and Fast Reference Card archives to guarantee you are set up to finish the whole application before starting the procedure.

Assigning a Grown- up Patient

After both the caregiver and the patient are registered, the patient must log in to their record and assign a caregiver.

Extra Caregivers for Minor Patients

Minor patients are allowed to have a limit of two registered, assigned caregivers doled out to their records at one time. One caregiver is recognized and consequently doled out through the Minor Patient enlistment process.

To include a second caregiver for a minor patient, if you do not mind contact the Commission at Because of the extra documentation required for caregivers serving minor patients, extra caregivers for minor patients may not be included by means of the online library framework.

In like manner, a caregiver may not expel a minor patient from his or her vault account. To drop an assignment between a minor patient and a caregiver, the minor patient may expel the caregiver from his or her vault account or the caregiver can contact MMCC at to ask for that the assignment is evacuated.

MD: Who Is Eligible To Register as a Cannabis Patient?

The rules in the state of Maryland regarding who is eligible to register as a cannabis patient are dependent on your residency status.

State Residents

If you are a resident of Maryland and have a medical provider who recommends medical cannabis to treat what the state considers a “qualifying medical condition,” you can register as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Medical conditions that qualify include the following:

  • Anorexia
  • Cachexia
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Severe or chronic pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Seizures or severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Other chronic medical conditions that are both severe and for which other treatments have not been effective

Non-State Residents

If you are not a resident of Maryland but are currently living in the state to receive medical treatment, you may register with the MMCC as a patient. When registering, you must provide details of the local medical facility where you will be getting treatment.

It is important to note that, as of December 14, 2017, the state has suspended reviewing new out-of-state registrations. This means that — until further notice — those non-residents who have not already registered with the MMCC will not be able to receive medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary in the state. For more information about this, see the following government bulletin.

Caregiver Registration

Those who register to receive medical cannabis can select up to two caregivers. Caregivers must be at least 21 years old and register with the MMCC. They must also buy ID cards from the MMCC.

Registered caregivers with valid IDs may buy medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries for their patients. You can find more information about requirements for caregivers and the registration process at the state’s caregiver website.

It should be noted that any patient who is under 18 years old must always designate at least one caregiver. What’s more, caregivers of minors must be either a parent of the patient or their legal guardian.

Patient Registration

Patients must register with the MMCC online, and you must complete the applications in a single session. This means that you cannot save your application and finish it at another time. For this reason, it is important that you have all necessary information (including electronic documentation) handy before you start your application.

The following web pages describe the registration process and how you obtain medical cannabis in the state:

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