The Harvest Experience

Harvest of MD marijuana dispensary makes 4 promises to its patients, neighbors, and the public.  These 4 commitments define Harvest and serve as a model for the medical marijuana industry.


Harvest is the safest dispensary you will ever visit.  From the moment you arrive at Harvest, you will begin to notice the extensive yet subtle safety precautions integrated into every aspect of Harvest’s design and construction.  Employees manage the parking experience, walk to, and entrance into Harvest. The entire building is surrounded by the best available security cameras, constantly monitored by Harvest employees.  The interior was designed and constructed with patient safety as a constant objective.  In off hours, all medicinal products will be stored in a masonry vault with motion sensors and vibration detectors to deter any criminal activity.

Store Front

Harvest is the nicest retail dispensary in Maryland, and in the industry.  Harvest’s architects, contractors, and interior designers traveled the United States before designing and building our retail location.  The entire suite was cleared out before we started from scratch to built the nicest storefront possible.  We set out to create a feel that our patients will appreciate every time they walk in.  Our dispensary would stand out in any mall or shopping center based on its beautiful design and welcoming feel.


Harvest provides the best available medicine.  We have layers of quality control systems designed to ensure that any medicine that leaves our facility will exceed our patients’ expectations.  All of our medical cannabis is tested by a local third-party testing facility to accurately guage THC, CBD, and CBN content, and insure that there is no pesticides, molds, or fungus.  Our product procurement team’s only objective is to meet our patients’ needs.  We have already developed strains that you will not find at any other dispensaries.

Customer Service

Harvest is committed to providing the best customer service possible.  As the medical marijuana industry in Maryland develops and matures, Harvest’s team will grow and develop with its patients.  Harvest was built around our patients and ultimately providing customer service previously unseen in the industry.  Our team has been trained by experts flown in from all over the United States.  We are committed to furthering medical cannabis movement by offering respect, education and our promises to our patients, neighbors, and the public.

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